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Kettlebell Workout For Abs

kettlebell workout for abs

abs with kettlebell is a great way to get a strong core, and it can also be more effective than classic cardiovascular exercises like walking.

You need to use proper technique, though. You also need to avoid doing a workout for your abs that’s too challenging, and make sure you do not leave your core exhausted.

Start with a light to medium-sized kettlebell in your hand, and lie on your back in a star position (arms and legs out to the sides at about 45-degree angles). Bend your right leg so that it’s planted a couple inches from your butt, keeping your feet flat on the floor.

Maximize Your Ab Workouts with These Kettlebell Exercises

Grasp the handle of your kettlebell with your right hand. Raise it up to shoulder height, and then slowly return it to the starting position.

To increase the challenge of this exercise, you can pause and lower your leg to hip height before raising it again. Repeat for 10-20 reps per side.

Another good kettlebell abs exercise for the obliques is wood chops. This is a basic movement where you lift your left knee up toward your chest, then push it down to the ground while holding the kettlebell in your right arm.

To make this more difficult, you can switch sides on the kettlebell each set. You can also add weight to the exercise, making it harder as you gain strength.

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