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4/26/15 – Forum recounts impacts from Gulf oil spill

4/24/15 – In the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the University of Florida led a team of researchers to study the physiological, psychological and sociological effects in order to help communities recover and prepare for future potential disasters. Now UF/IFAS Family Youth and Communities researcher Dr. Tracy Irani explains what the team has learned so far.

4/20/15 – Dr. Traci Irani talks about the HGHC 2015 Regional Forum                                       

4/17/15 – UF study shows seafood samples had no elevated contaminant levels from oil spill

In the News

4/28/15 – UF Study Shows Seafood Samples Had No Elevated Contaminant Levels from the Oil Spill

4/27/15UF Finds Dissatisfaction Still Flows, 5 Years After Oil Spill

4/23/15U of Florida’s Online Course “The Meat We Eat” Draws 20,000 Participants

4/22/15Campus Pantry Asks for Donations for Students in Need

4/21/15 – Five years after oil spill, survey shows communities are still impacted

4/21/15Veterinary Hospital Chief of Staff Named Associate Dean for Clinical Services

4/21/15 – Public invited to UF-led Healthy Gulf Discussion

4/21/15Scientists Seek to Save Flavor of Tomatoes and Strawberries

4/21/15Gulf of Mexico Seafood May Finally Be Safe

4/21/15“The Meat We Eat” A popular course that improves attitudes

4/20/15:  Five Years on the Gulf Still Paying for BP oil spill

4/20/15:  Study Shows Seafood Samples Had No Elevated Contaminant Levels from Oil Spill

4/20/15Five Years After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Impacts on Gulf Communities and Seafood

4/20/15 – Five Years after Deepwater Horizon, the Gulf’s Seafood Seems Safe

4/20/15Study Shows Seafood Samples Had No Elevated Contaminant Levels from Oil

4/20/15BP Oil Spill Still Drowning Business

4/2015 – At Some U.S. Farmers See Markets in Cuba, Those in Florida See Worries

4/20/15Psychological Responses and Resilience of People in Communities Impacted by the DWH Oil Spill

4/18/15 – UF Researchers Set Forums on Gulf Oil Spill

4/17/15Reflections on the BP Oil Spill

4/17/15Gulf Health Five Years After Spill – Resilient Yet Scarred

2/1/15DWH Oil Spill – Five Years Later – Community Resilience and Prepardeness

1/22/15Meeting Assesses Deepwater Impact

4/14Community Resilience and Disaster Response in the US Gulf Coast

2/14Stories of Strength – Florida Sea Grant

4/18/13 Three Years Later: Gulf Coast Still Recovering From Oil Spill

10/25/12Healthy Gulf Healthy Communities Oyster Listening Session

4/20/11A Year After the Spill, “Unusual” Rise in Health Problems

6/11/11 – UF-Led Team Awarded More than $6.5 Million for Oil Spill Projects

2/18/2011Broader Psychological Impact of 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

2/17/2011 – Psychological Effects of BP Oil Spill Go Beyond Residents of Impacted Shorelines

6/2011 – Stressed Out: The Gulf Oil Spill Impacted Hundreds of Thousands of Floridians Mentally, Economically, and Legally. Explore Magazine.  J. Glenn Morris, Jr. (Healthy Gulf, Healthy Communities project investigator) and Bill Mahan (an extension agent with the Florida Sea Grant program in Franklin County) are cited. Click here for .pdf version of this article.