Healthy Gulf coast blog Leggings That Enhance Your Bum

Leggings That Enhance Your Bum

leggings that enhance bum

If you’re all about the peachy booty goal, there’s a legging trend that’ll give you the perfect fit. Often referred to as the “scrunch” legging, these OG gym wear essentials have a well-positioned seam that accentuates your bum cheeks and lifts your rear for the perfect rounded shape. The classic pair is a favourite among the likes of Love Island stars Molly-Mae Hague, Zara McDermott and Montana Brown, who all swear by the budget-friendly style that’s made by Amazon (it’s even been hailed as an affordable Lululemon dupe).

These high-waisted leggings that enhance bum will give you the ultimate “bum got back” look when paired with your fave sports bra or crop top. They have zone compression to support each lower body muscle, tuck in your waist and sculpt your legs for a super flattering finish. Plus, they’re high-stretch and anti-cellulite so you can hit the squat rack in comfort.

Enhance Your Curves: The Magic of Butt Lift Tights for a Shapelier You

If you’ve been scouring Tik Tok for viral beauty, fashion and fitness trends, you’ll have seen a lot of these butt-boosting leggings. The two-tone leggings hug your hips and thighs while the wide-cut elasticated waistband creates a stunning curve down to your bum, which gives you a DIY Brazilian butt lift.

The soft, buttery-soft polyester and spandex IUGA leggings are also 100 percent squat-proof, with reviewers calling them’so comfortable you won’t want to take them off’. Plus, they’re a great fit for all body types thanks to the ruched center that flatters every shape. Perfect for daily walks, yoga sessions or a coffee date with friends, these leggings are your new booty-lifting best friend.

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Quality CBD Vape ProductsQuality CBD Vape Products


As the fentanyl and opioid crisis worsens, the Quality CBD Vape Products government is easing restrictions on other drugs, including cannabis. But psilocybin remains listed as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it is illegal to possess and sell in Canada except under specific circumstances. And yet, despite warnings from police, storefronts with names like Fun Guyz and Shroom City are opening in the country’s biggest cities, selling magic mushrooms to curious consumers.

The company behind them, Numinus Technologies, is a natural psychedelic drug development firm. It has a license to test, import and distribute MDMA, psilocin (one of two compounds found in mushrooms) and DMT. It is the first of its kind in North America, and it’s a sign that there is a growing movement for research into new psychedelic substances as potential medicines for end-of-life anxiety, mental illness and addiction.

Shroomscanada: Your Guide to Mushrooms in Canada

But while cannabis is legal in Canada, psilocybin and other hallucinogens remain under the radar, despite an increase in interest in “microdosing,” or taking small doses for therapeutic purposes. Until it gets approved as a medicinal drug, most people who want to experience its effects have no choice but to purchase psilocybin from underground dispensaries in a legal grey area.

Jesse Merks, 28, is a Vancouver man who recently took a large dose of magic mushrooms to try and overcome an addiction to pain pills that he had been using for 10 years. His story is a reminder that even a single trip can have life-changing implications.